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New Study: An investigation of the photographic coverage of the 2012 U.S. presidential election & the GOP primaries.

UMD news release: Study Highlights The Politics of Photos

Study website: PrezPix - Picturing the 2012 Election

Study data:

Article in AJR: Photos of Pinterest

Over 8000 photos from 21 online news outlets analyzed

Why We Do It: My Academy List -by Paul Mihailidis, Director, The Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change
The Salzburg Academy
on Media & Global Change

Salzburg Academy

» The Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change held its 6th annual session this summer. Read about the students and faculty from five continents who attended

Are you an interested student
or university?
Join the Salzburg Academy class of 2013

Contact the director now!

ICMPA is proud to be the co-founder
of the Salzburg Academy

In the News
» VISIT the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change's web site and media literacy curriculum, including lesson plans, and results of international research. Come see what students in over 100 countries are using in their classrooms. Salzburg Academy 2008
» WATCH ICMPA's Media Education Director Paul Mihailidis discuss Global News Literacy on CSPAN, part of a round table hosted by the National Endowment for Democracy. NED
» RECOGNITION: ICMPA director Dr. Susan Moeller is a Carnegie Scholar, with the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Moeller has also been recognized as a Teacher of the Year by the UMD System Board of Regents.
Susan Moeller
» ICMPA and the Salzburg Academy's global media literacy curriculum was highlighted in a CIMA (National Endowment for Democracy) report (pdf). CIMA
» Paul Mihailidis and Matthew Sheehan write about the challenges facing deans of journalism programs. Read about it in the American Journalism Review.
» At this year's National Media Conference in St. Louis, Paul Mihailidis gave a presentation on the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. 'Youth Media Reporter.' covered the media literacy initiative.  
» ICMPA research director Jad Melki was on the team that won a Webby award for the coverage of the Hezbollah-Israel war. Melki helped Kevin Sites cover the war from South Lebanon.
Webby Award

Back Issues

» Revisiting Bint Jbail:
Jad Melki talks to residents of a South Lebanon town destroyed during the war between Israel & Hezbollah (The Hot Zone).

» Death's Strange Spell:
Susan Moeller discusses the public's fascination with pictures of executions from Lincoln's assassins to Saddam Hussein (LA Times).

» Covering the World
How national and international media cover global issues, from war and natural disasters to terrorism and WMDs.

» Media & Trauma
ICMPA & the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma are designing curricula to teach journalists how to cover violence.

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