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The Latest War in Lebanon and Israel:  Media Lessons, Military Opportunities

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Our featured speaker, Kevin Sites, talked about the challenges in covering the latest war between Lebanon and Israel Tuesday, October 10, 2006. 

Kevin Sites, war correspondent, Yahoo News' Hot Zone, & Jad Melki, former TV correspondent, now research director for ICMPA

To cover every armed conflict in the world within one year... For nearly a year, through 22 conflict zones and 19 countries, Kevin Sites has traveled the world on a mission for Yahoo! News.  As the HotZone site states, Sites' reporting is "a nexus of backpack journalism, narrative story-telling techniques, and the Internet" and his agenda is "to provide a clear idea of the combatants, victims, causes, and costs of each of these struggles - and their global impact."  Formerly a war correspondent for CNN and NBC, Sites has reported from countries off the radar of most media - and the stories he has covered from major conflicts are often from angles that have not gotten mainstream media attention.

Jad Melki, a former TV journalist for 10 years in the Middle East and the United States, and currently ICMPA’s research director who worked with Kevin Sites in Lebanon this summer, will discuss the Lebanon-Israel conflict from a different perspective--he will speak about Hezbollah’s innovative use of media as a weapon of modern guerrilla warfare.


The ICMPA Forum is a "brown bag" lunch for those at the University of Maryland community interested in media's roles in public consideration of political issues.

Kevin Sites in Qana, South Lebanon; photo by Jad Melki

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Jad Melki in Bint Jbeil, South Lebanon; photo by Kevin Sites

» Pictures from South Lebanon
A photo essay by Jad Melki.

» Relief groups in Beirut use new media to save lives
A video by Jad Melki.

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