Promote news literacy by creating and supporting good media

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Part Two of The Global Media Literacy Curriculum emphasizes Freedom of Expression. The PROMOTE framework is the second section in Part Two.

The lesson plans in Part Two highlight the connections between media literacy and civil society—including good governance, economic development and informed citizenship. Part Two of the curriculum teaches students to defendpromote news literacy by creating and supporting good media, and to motivate media to better cover global issues and events. the importance of freedom of expression, to

PROMOTE the importance of citizens participating in media

PROMOTE freedom of expression and civic responsibility

PROMOTE alternative forms of news media

PROMOTE digital media as watchdog

PROMOTE using media to educate others

PROMOTE free speech and a free press

PROMOTE skeptical thinking, not negative thinking about news and news organizations

PROMOTE how media is absolutely necessary for the healthy functioning of civil society




Students who complete some or all of these lesson plans will have worked through the following points:

  • Freedom of Expression promotes a true sense of ownership within society by allowing ordinary individuals to examine and express different thoughts and opinions. Media must fairly and accurately represent that diversity.
  • Freedom of Expression, at its core, combines access to information and citizen participation in media.
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